book cover of Rescuing Natacha

Rescuing Natacha

(The second book in the Deep Space Encounters series)
A Novella by

Looking for a quickie romance that's out of this world? New York Times Bestselling author Selena Blake brings you a sensual new trilogy, Deep Space Encounters. Science fiction fans who like a dash of adventure, military heroes, interracial relationships and feisty heroines will love Rescuing Natacha.

Readers say:

"a great rescue and sizzling, hot story"

"You can't got wrong with any of Ms. Blake's books."

"I recommend it highly!!"

Hayln West's mission is simple. Travel to PrimeC, rescue Natacha, bring her back to Isis on Planet Dornick. But he should have known that no mission goes exactly as planned, and no matter how prepared he thinks he is, he's not prepared for Natacha. Or the long dormant feelings she inspires.

Isis says Natacha can trust the handsome stranger, but she's not sure she can trust herself. As her body withdraws from the gas used to brainwash the inhabitants of Prime C, Natacha's desire for Hayln grows.

Hayln can't help but wonder if her lust is real...or a side effect? And just how long can a man be expected to stay out of her bed when she keeps begging him to join her?

Genre: Sci Fi Romance
Series: Deep Space Encounters

This story was previously released by another publisher.

Perfect for fans of steamy sci fi, military heroes, instalove, passion in close quarters, interracial romance, and space adventure.

Each of the Deep Space Encounters books are stand alone. For optimal enjoyment get Book One: Reclaiming Isis and Book Three: The Virgin Princess's Rebellion (formerly titled Azula's Rebellion.) Or get all three in the Deep Space Encounters box set.



Hayln whirled toward the soldier in the doorway. A single shot to the center of the other man's chest knocked him back into the hallway. Gritting his teeth against the pain in his shoulder, Hayln turned back to the window and surveyed the icy orange landscape in a single glance. The drop to the ground was about the same height as he was.

This was going to hurt...but less than getting his ass shot.

He jumped. The ice crunched beneath his feet, his shoulder screamed with pain, and Natacha came to life with a start. She shouted something he didn't understand, but the knee to his gut told him she wanted down.

"Hold on, honey." Struggling to stay upright on the slippery ground, he gathered his strength and darted toward the end of the building. All he had to do now was get to his ship. Another knee to the gut knocked his breath from his lungs. He dropped his hand from her hip to curl behind her knees, immobilizing them. All he had to do, he corrected, was get to ship, keep the girl calm, and not get shot. Or killed. Or kiss the girl.

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