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A Shot of Magick

(The first book in the McKendrick Warlocks series)
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Lachlan McKendrick possesses a renowned sexual prowess impressive among even his own kind. But when the Scottish Warlock's elders decide it's high time he stops sowing wild oats - and starts planting some family ones - Lach gets a load of magic unlike anything he's ever known.

A curse is placed upon his head. One that has some rather surprising effects on his legendary sex life - and the only solution is to find his bith-bhuan gra, or soul mate. He should be out searching the world for her, but he's not. Instead, he's become obsessed with a feisty American who doesn't even know what he is!

It's bad enough that Lachlan can't get the blasted Yank out of his head, but she's mortal - and he doesn't do mortals. At least he never has before. But the Scottish stud soon discovers that Evan Hayes has a magic that's all her own: a woman's power to go after what she wants. And what she wants is a certain rugged, mouthwatering, danger-written-all-over-him badass. 
Look out, Lach. The little human is about to bring her A-game.

* * * * * * *

Note: A SHOT OF MAGICK is a paranormal romance short story that can be read as a standalone.

(Re-released in a 2nd Edition)


A Shot of Magick - Book One (Lachlan's Story) 

A Bite of Magick - Book Two (Kieran's Story) Available for Pre-Order

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July 2016 : USA, Australia, Canada, UK Kindle edition

Title: A Shot of Magick (McKendrick Warlocks Book 1)
Author(s): Rhyannon Byrd
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