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Horn of the Unicorn

A novel by

He came to her in dreams... In the modern wilds of Ireland lies the hidden realm of The Wicket Wood. Here the solitary unicorn lives alongside other mystical tribes of ancient legend - shifters and fairies, gargoyles and dragons. It is a magickal paradise meant to separate two realities - and yet, in the ethereal fabric of dreams, a magnificent love is born that transcends all boundaries.Bound by the delusions of a madman, Tess Laurent longs for freedom, for the safety of her sister, and a man she fears doesn't even exist. And yet, her desire for her breathtaking dream-lover knows no bounds.Cursed to live as the mystical unicorn, Zarnak, a once powerful sidhe warrior, cannot escape his tormenting dreams of a mortal maiden. Consumed by the need to experience the exquisite touch of her silken flesh, he hungers for her with a savage intensity.Caught between heaven and hell, the lovers' worlds collide as fate throws them together... and an explosive passion unlike any other embraces them. Surrounded by enemies, they embark upon a treacherous journey that will shake the foundations of their lives, leading them to the most wondrous gift of all.