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Triple Play for the Single Mom

A novel by

My plan was simple: transfer to the college where my ex, the star quarterback, could finally be a dad.
But life threw a curveball when I accidentally collided with three of his hunky teammates!

Being a young single mom hasn’t been easy.
My ex shirks fatherhood, and I’m a magnet for judgmental stares.
But it’s all been worth it for how much I love my little boy.

After my son was stood up by his father, he ran into the locker room and I had to chase him.
I didn’t expect to slide into three sizzling football players in the shower. Major whoopsie!

Jack, raised by a single mom, understands me like no other.
His smoldering eyes and protective aura could melt even the iciest of hearts. Or panties.

Caleb is the handsome and rich charmer.
His awkwardness around kids is adorably overshadowed by his ability to make me blush with a single look.

Andrew, the muscle-bound ex-best friend of my ex. With arms that could bench-press my worries away and a smile dripping with unspoken promises, he's the one that should have been my first.

Together, they're rewriting the rules of the game, showing my son and I what a real team looks like.
But as the season heats up and my ex starts playing dirty, our unconventional family is put to the test...

Will our love be strong enough to tackle the challenges thrown our way?
Or will my ex's interference lead to a fumble in our happily ever after?

18+ Only. Dive into this standalone reverse harem sports romance where the playbook is extra spicy, and the HEA hits as hard as a linebacker on a mission!

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