book cover of Billionaire Brother\'s Nanny

Billionaire Brother's Nanny

A novel by

Three billionaire brothers chasing after one nanny...
What could go wrong?


The list of problems they bring into my life is even bigger than their bank accounts.

They seem like innocent fathers, wanting to spend a summer in the Hamptons with their kids… but nothing could be further from the truth.

Along with a generous salary, they offer me an arrangement that’s impossible to decline.

I can be with all three of them and take my pick when summer is over.

Griffin, the older brother has dimples to die for. But he’s also the bossiest one. His word is law, and his grasp around my waist is as firm.

Ezekiel knows exactly how to make me feel desired. His buttoned-down shirts are such a turn on, and his possessive touch impossible to resist.

Conrad, Ezekiel’s twin, holds me in his muscular arms with so much love that I can barely contain the warmth in my heart. And then there’s the secret history we share…

There’s no way I’d ever pick just one of these men.

It’s either all three... or none of them.

And it’s obvious I’ll have to go with the second option after finding out that they’ve placed a damn million-dollar bet on me...

18+ Only. Standalone reverse harem romance with a HEA.

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