book cover of Ruthless Love

Ruthless Love

(The first book in the Ash and Innocence series)
A novel by

I'm the girl nobody sees.

That is, until I move next door to Parker High's most eligible bastard, Tristan Blackwood.

He's gorgeous. Eyes as cold as moonlight. Lips made for cruel kisses. The entire town knows it, too. Apparently being able to throw a football elevates you to god status around here.

He could have anything he wanted. Anyone.

But somehow, all he wanted was to torment me.

Me, trapped in my mom's protective bubble: homeschooled and invisible, stuck in a wheelchair and saddled with more medical issues than I could count. Normal? I might as well wish to be a fairytale princess.

There aren't any princesses or knights in my fairytale. Just the dark prince who lives next door. Parker High royalty in the flesh. My very own devil in a letterman jacket.

His life should be a dream, but the only thing he cares about is becoming my nightmare.

And when my pride isn't enough for him, he decides he wants my body.

He wants my heart.

He wants every last inch of me to himself.

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