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Once Upon A Grump

A novel by

He keeps himself hidden away from the world in his fancy office.
He’s a grumpy caveman in a suit.
If you do see him, you don’t make eye contact.
You don’t get in his way. You definitely don’t cross him.
And whatever you do, absolutely do not start to fall for him.


Mr. Untouchable just made the mistake of hiring Ms. Not So Good At Following Rules (that’s me).

Maybe I should rewind a bit here. just got finished fleeing the ruins of my former life.
I picked up everything I owned, drove across the country, and immediately applied for the only job I could find.

So, yeah, I need this. I need it badly enough that I’m not going to let some grouchy caveman in a suit scare me off.

If I
was going to run, it definitely would've been the moment he whipped out an N.D.A. and said the job he’s really hiring me for has nothing to do with being his secretary. But curiosity only kills cats, right?

If I want to keep this job, it’s going to mean getting tangled up with his secrets and all the danger that comes along with them. It’s going to mean working too close for comfort with the giant question mark that is my new boss.

He’s convinced I won’t last, but I’m going to enjoy proving him wrong. He thinks I’ll run from the challenge, but he has no idea. And he
better not think I’ll fall for him in the process, because there’s no chance.

Christian: I don’t want her to fall for me, I just want to bring her to her knees.

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