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Hate At First Sight

A novel by

Eight years wasn't long enough to forget what he did. I didn't forget the secrets, the lies, and the betrayals. I didn't forget that he single-handedly ruined my life. But now he's back, and he's still not done with me. My nightmare. My dream. My dark, broken prince.Aribelle He was my own personal apocalypse, But I moved on. I healed. I built a new life. It took me eight years, but I did it. Then he came back. He came into my life just like the last time. Other guys wanted my heart to make their own, But Zach wasn't like them. He wanted my heart for a trophy. Like a prize to hang on his mantle. And I'd be damned if he was going to get it. It would've been easier if the years had been hard on him, But nothing was easy with him. Zach is a rock star now. Household name. Sex symbol. Filthy rich. It's not long before I'm sucked back into his life, And a six-month blackmail contract that says I have to tag along on his tour. He thinks he can walk over me like the old days, He thinks this is going to be easy. But I'm going to enjoy proving him wrong. Zach I met Aribelle while she was trimming my hedges. And no, that's not a euphemism. She was a gardener's daughter, and she should've been invisible to me. She wasn't. She looked at me like she had a right to, Like she was the one who should look at me with pity, Like she somehow knew I was broken inside. That wasn't why I decided to ruin her life. She dated one of my best friends and learned my darkest secret. But eight years is a long time. I never got what I wanted back then, and now's my chance. She's back, and I'm not stopping until claim her heart. She's still not over what happened. Tough luck, Gardener Girl. I don't lose, and the game is on.

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