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Baby for the Beast

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I didn't know his secrets when he knocked me up...
I only knew the heat of his touch,
The bite of command in his voice,
He demanded submission. Complete surrender.
For one night, I was someone else. Then I learned the truth.


It's just one blind date. One silly night to get my sister and my friend off my back. They say I'm letting my best years slip by and that I need a man in my life.

Me, though? I'm happy on my own. I have a good job and my life is fine. A little boring sometimes. Maybe just a little depressing and lonely here and there, but it's comfortable.

But that one little blind date turns my life upside down.

All I gave him was a single night, just a few hours of recklessness. A few moments of release. For just a night, I was someone else.

The scary part?

I'm starting to like the person I am with him, and my comfortable, easy life seems a whole lot less appealing now.


I've always done my job. My duty. I've sacrificed my life for the Luciani crime family, so what difference does it make if I have to kidnap some girl?

Her father is on the verge of cracking a case against my father and our family wide open, so using his daughter as leverage is our best shot.

My job is simple. Meet the girl for a "date". Tempt her back to my place and hold her until her dad cooperates.

It should have been simple.

But then I saw her. Those wide, innocent eyes and that mischievous little smile. Those curves barely hidden under her dress that practically begged to be explored and worshipped.

She was a goddess. Sexy innocence made flesh.

In a single moment, I knew this girl was going to ruin everything. I'd break promises for her. I'd forsake my duty for her. I'd start a war for her if I had to.

I'll make her mine, no matter the cost.

*As always, this is a totally SAFE, full-length book with a happily ever after, no cheating, and plenty of steam.*

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