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Margie and the Emerald God

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Marjorie McCall, a 27 year old anthropologist from the University of Chicago, and her handsome, fit husband Tom, had come to Cotabaya, a small Venezualan city on the edge of the rain forest, on the tail end of their passionate honeymoon. They are there so that she can make arrangements for next spring's expedition to the bush to find and study a pristine native Indian culture if she can find one. It's their last full day in Cotabaya. Margie decides this bright and sunny morn to go back to that store down by the riverfront where yesterday she saw that green painted statue of Guarito, the Emerald God, that's been haunting her all night. It was as if it was somehow calling to her. What she finds instead is the notorious and condemned bandit Diego Badoya, the scourge of the Rio Cioro. Diego has just made his escape. He needs a hostage. Margie fits the bill nicely.

And so begins Margie's harrowing adventure as Diego claims her as his grand prize, his gringa blonde, and teaches her what the threat of a few strokes of a whip will make her do. It's down the river they go, deep into the outlaw south where Margie is stripped of all her preconceptions of herself and, in her feverish dreams, hears the call of Guarito, the Emerald god, drawing her deeper and deeper into the jungle to their fateful encounter.

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August 2012 : USA, Australia, Canada, UK Kindle edition

Title: Margie and the Emerald God
Author(s): Paul Blades
Publisher: Dark Visions Publications
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