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White Hot Holidays, Vol. I

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White Hot Holidays - Sealed With a Wish By Lora Leigh For Cara Montgomery, Christmas is just like any other time of year. She'll still be alone...and lonely. And her greatest wish to have someone to call her own, someone to love will remain just that, a wish. She's learned the hard way not to ask for things she can't have. And that includes a seemingly persistent sex god in leather who just won't leave her alone. But this is one man who is determined to change her mind. One man who won't take no for an answer. Kheelan Mattero, most trusted warrior of a First Earth prince in exile, is sent to gift Cara for rescuing the prince's son in a brave and selfless move that could have resulted in her own death. But instead, Kheelan finds his own gift the mate he has searched two planets and a lifetime for. While the hunger rages through him for the pixie-ish Cara, her need must join with his, must equal his, or the bonding will not happen. Now he has to make Cara see that some wishes are worth reaching for...that some wishes can come true. White Hot Holidays - Ice On Her Wings By Leda Swann Reporter Bonny Eagle is investigating a hot tip that Robert Barron, multi-millionaire property developer, is a secret Scrooge who is preparing an unpleasant Christmas surprise for the city's poorest inhabitants. Caught snooping through his house, she is surprised to find that Robert Barron has mistletoe on his mind. Unable to resist his kisses, she ends up in his bed. Robert Barron is intrigued by the gorgeous snoop he finds in his bedroom. It's Christmas, so he doesn't have the heart to turn her to the police. Especially not when the temperature really heats up between them. Not even the hottest of hot sex, however, can persuade Bonny to keep his business dealings a secret. And he cannot forgive her betrayal. It will take a Christmas miracle for these two lovers to find happiness in each other's arms. White Hot Holidays - Ghosts of Christmas Past By Cricket Starr A Hollywood After Dark Holiday Tale Christmas is hard for a lot of people, but for Calla Douglas it's become unbearable. She thought to end her life, but when the wind blows her off a tall building, she isn't sorry to be rescued in midair by a flying man, although finding out he has fangs dampens her relief. Nightwalker Daniel Wilde rescued Calla to be the temporary companion he takes before Christmas Eve, to keep at bay the loneliness he feels each year. Both Calla and Daniel have "ghosts" of past Christmases, bad memories that haunt them, but through love, companionship and a lot of mind-blowing sex this holiday may become the last one those ghosts will ever visit. White Hot Holidays - Holiday Love Lessons By Trista Ann Michaels Caitlin has been told she's cold and unable to feel passion. Determined to prove her former boyfriend wrong, she propositions her bisexual friends, Jonathan and Tim Trelain, asking them to spend a weekend schooling her in sex. Specifically, ménages. Jonathan is shocked at Caitlin's proposal but jumps at the chance to spend a weekend with the adorable artist. He's had the hots for her for months and is determined that by the end of the weekend, she'll not only realize he's most certainly not gay, but be head over heals in love with him. This will be one holiday weekend Caitlin will never forget. White Hot Holidays - Christmas Cowboy By Allyson James A camera. A leather belt. Wrapping paper. All the necessary ingredients for a Christmas to remember... Kelly St. Clair thinks she'll be spending Christmas alone. Then Trey Kincaid, a gorgeous cowboy bearing gifts, turns up at her front door on Christmas Eve. Unknown to Kelly and Trey, a little bit of Christmas magic locks them in the house together overnight. Luckily, they find plenty of things to keep them entertained...