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Love Thrills

After Midnight / Love Gone Wild / A Mother Scorned)
A collection of stories by

LOVE THRILLS contains two mystery suspense novels and a bonus award-winning short story written by National Best Selling Author Michele Bardsley. AFTER MIDNIGHT: Callie O'Brian was running from a brutal past, but she hadn't run far enough. Someone doesn't want her to forget what happened ... and her stalker wants blood for blood. LOVE GONE WILD: There's a serial killer, a U.S. Marshal out for revenge, a hoodlum seeking redemption, and a family secret about to be exposed ... not to mention two people about to fall unexpectedly, wildly in love. Bonus Short Story! A MOTHER SCORNED: After her husband Ted runs off with a younger woman, Josephine Jones is left alone to raise their six-year-old daughter. But Ted was harboring an ugly secret ... and hell hath no fury like a mother scorned.