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Feral Fascination

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Wizard's Moon By Michele Bardsley A wizard cursed... Handsome and desperate wizard True Karn becomes human during the "wizard's moon" the only two nights of the month he can look for his mate. The rest of the time, he must live in his monstrous, cursed form. When he rescues a pretty lady from the lascivious attention of two guardsmen, he realizes that she could be the one he's been searching for. A woman scorned... Plain and reliable Alissa Rogers works in a house of ill repute as an accountant. She's not pretty enough to be a prostitute, but it seems she's still woman enough to gain the attention of an infamous wizard... Reluctant By Lauren Dane This story is connected to the Cascadia Wolves series but is completely stand-alone. Layla Warden had a ten-year plan and it sure as heck didn't include a mate. She had her flashy car and her corner office and all was right with the world until Sid Rosario sat down at her table and turned her life upside down. Sparks fly as the two werewolves flirt over dinner and it's no surprise to either of them when they end up back at his hotel room, naked and sweaty. But Sid is her mate, and they don't figure it out until the bond is sealed. Layla, driven by confusion and fear, heads out of contact while a frantic Sid looks for her. What comes next helps a reluctant wolf find her way to acceptance. Spirit of the Pryde By TJ Michaels Someone is destroying buffalo and dragging the carcasses onto Pryde land. What could possibly be powerful enough to kill and move such large animals? Neesia Pryde and her sister Niah are determined to find whoever or whatever is trying to set them up as the killers. Jason DiCaplis, an agent for the Shifter and Were Armed Tactics administration, is ordered to fly to Pryde Ranch posing as a techno-weenie. His mission keep the heat off the Prydes, dispatch a rogue Were, and do it all without exposing whom he works for. Jason comes face-to-face with the most beautiful and alluring woman he's ever seen. Suddenly he's a sex-crazed, wild, rutting male. What could cause such an uncontrollable craving for a woman? Well, Jason isn't the only one with secrets. First Moon Rise By Tielle St Clare As Alpha werewolf, Fallon is expected to mate with a strong female wolf from another pack but once his wolf gets close to Tate, the animal will accept no one else. It doesn't matter that she's human and the new sheriff in town. All that matters is, the wolf wants her. When a rogue werewolf begins hunting his pack, Fallon and Tate search for the killer together. Though Fallon knows all his attention should be on catching this killer, Tate is too tempting, too seductive to be ignored. And in one wicked night, Fallon claims her as his mate, binding their hearts and bodies together before they must face the wolf who could destroy everything. Uncontrolled Magic By Ravyn Wilde Uncontrolled Magic is a sequel to Undying Magic, from Ellora's Cave's Fun in the Sun series. What happens when a were-dragon propositions a very hungry vampire? He ends up naked and chained to a wall in his lair, among other things. Marissa, a vampire recently returned from ashes, thinks her arrangement with Jack is all about blood and sex. As for Jack, a were-dragon in need of an escort to his parents' fiftieth anniversary party, he's just happy to have found a date. Particularly, one who can live through the weekend event. Add in some magical restraints, sexy dragon-training lessons, several wild bikers and some unexpected party crashers, and Marissa and Jack might end up with more than just a weekend to remember.