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Black Diamonds

(A book in the Spaceport series)
A Novella by

Master Thief Savannah DeCosta thinks she's got it made. A big-shot smuggler has asked her to steal a map from two other smugglers. Not a problem for Savannah, who's good at stealing anything she wants.

When she sees Ferris Vaughn and "Tiny" Dixon, in a bar on Spaceport Adana, she uses their amorous moment to take what she wants. When the two find out what she's done, they're very unhappy, and they decide to teach her a lesson.

The more time the three spend together, though, the more they realize there's something more than just a map at stake. They team up to try and find the real reason the map is so sought after; that is if they can keep their hands off each other long enough to decipher the map, and find where it leads.

Publisher's Note: Spaceport is a multi-author shared universe that does not need to be read in order.

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