book cover of The Connaghers Series Boxed Set

The Connaghers Series Boxed Set

(A book in the Connaghers series)
An omnibus of novels by

"A book you can't put down, characters you can root for, a love filled with a sweetness and fiery heat only Joely Sue Burkhart could deliver in such stunning equality and sincerity."

Get the complete Connagher boxed set including five full-length novels!

Conn, the sexy English professor who's also a dom. His older brother, Victor, a Master walking the edge. Their sister, Vicki and her two men who are trying to find a way for everyone to be happy. Their mother, Virginia, and a forty-year-old unrequited love. Mal, the Mistress of Dallas, and her troubled cop who isn't into the lifestyle at all. Or is he?

This boxed set features romances involving dominant men, dominant women, and a female switch.