book cover of The Bloodgate Warrior

The Bloodgate Warrior

(The third book in the Maya Bloodgates series)
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As the Mayan hero Tecun lay dying, a sorceress cast a spell tying her bloodline to him, so that one day he could return and avenge their people....

Following a near-death experience, Cassandra Gonzales is haunted by erotic dreams of a mysterious man. As the dreams intensify, she is compelled to travel to Guatemala in search of him. There she learns that her blood has opened a gate - and she is the only one who can bring the great warrior back from the afterlife.

Once faced with Tecun in the flesh, Cassie fears the need he stirs within her. She aches to submit to the pleasure he promises, but first she must learn to trust in him, and in her own desires. Their time for sensual exploration is brief - Tecun's killer has escaped, intent on sacrificing Cassie and wreaking havoc on the world. Now, only Cassie's complete and willing surrender to Tecun will give him the power to defeat the demon once and for all....