book cover of Tales from the Cowpocalypse

Tales from the Cowpocalypse

(A book in the Apocalypse Hucow series)
A collection of stories by

It's a Post-Apocalyptic Hucow Omegaverse unlike any other!

Enjoy this collection of six, steamy, outlandish and romantic novelettes featuring Hucows and their Milky, Wasteland Adventures.

This collection contains the following Tales from the Cowpocalypse:

Welcome to the Cowpocalypse

Welcome to the Cowpocalypse… You’re gonna love it!
Kassie Day, apocalypse survivor, massive chested Omega Hucow … and in big trouble. Sick, with her leaking milk attracting a group of horny zombies, she’s seconds away from becoming their plaything. The only one who can save her is Cliff, an sub-Alpha scavenger. Saving her means breaking the rules.
Can he resist her milky goodness?

Nomads Suck!

Strap in, sweetheart … for the ride of your life.
With currency in his pocket from selling that sweet little hucow to the milk farm, Jay (a nomad, and all round handsome badass) is back on the open road of the wasteland. But her creamy taste lingers on his tongue and her collar sits empty on the dash.
Can he really let her and her delicious udders go?

Fangs for the Mammaries

Seduced by a Hucow Vampiress!
After escaping a raider gang, Zach finds himself lost in the middle of nowhere. It’s Halloween, so he holes up in a big old spooky house. When he finds himself trapped inside, he realizes he��s being hunted. She’s beautiful; tempting him with her massive knockers, tormenting him with her milky cream.
Will he succumb to the beauty's bite or could he be her redemption?

Milk Farm Omega

He’ll do anything to claim what’s his!
She’s the Milk Farm’s prized Omega Hucow, and she’d accepted her fate to be milked daily by the machine … until the day her Alpha came.
He's massive, muscled and has tentacle mutations. When he gives into the darkness, he’ll do anything … destroy anything to get her.
Will he save her from the farm and claim her as his?

Forbidden Cream

She was off limits until he tasted her cream!
Rain always had a crush on her neighbor, Mr. Trystan. But now they’re alone together in the apocalypse, he still thinks she’s off limits. But when he drinks her milk to keep them safe... she can't go back.
Can this eighteen-year-old Hucow convince her sexy older man that what she wants more than anything … is him?


She ran right into his territory… now she’s his.
Lana survived the apocalypse, only to turn into a hucow. She thought she was safe and valued as the omega in her group. She was right about one of those. When she finds out they intend to trade her, she runs… pursued right into the territory of a massive alpha. He’s the biggest slab of clawed, tusked, sexy, growling, mutated muscle her needy body has ever seen.
When her omega genes ignite, she's dribbling milk and needing him to claim her in every way possible … but is there a man inside the monster?

Each tale in this Collection is 18+ and also available separately.

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