book cover of Sire


Ravenous Hucow Vampiress
A Novella by

I’m going to get more than fed after this night is through.

I have found the solution for my unique hunger and the need to drain my massive chest on a website catering to a rather specific clientele. This Particular thirsty boy lives in a penthouse that requires a more elegant dress code. After a quick trip to De’jars, I’m moaning in this thirsty, dominant man's grasp. But not everything is as it seems and I’m quickly bound and shipped off in a crate for an unexpected encounter that will have me claimed in a way I didn’t dare hope for.

Sire is a delicious, high steam, erotic novelette featuring BDSM and ABF with a HFN ending.

18+. Content details are available at the beginning of the book.

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