book cover of Orc\'s Creamy Princess

Orc's Creamy Princess

(A book in the Milky Monsters series)
A Novella by

I have been blessed with the milk of the goddess, and I have been found out.

As the second favorite princess to my father, he is attempting to offload me to an awful prince — with a nose that could easily poke your eye out — when milk seeps through my dress.

My father wastes no time in carting me off to one of the bovine temples, but luckily we are attacked and I escape… right into the green muscles of an orc. He saves me from the pursuing guards and I need him if I am to make it to sanctuary. I just need to barter passage for my milk, pretend to be his milky pet, and ignore the constant throb between my thighs.

This is going to end with him stretching and claiming me with his massive cudgel… isn’t it?

Find out in this creamy, steamy, alpha monster smut short. 18+