book cover of A Hucow Training

A Hucow Training

(The third book in the Milkmaids series)
A Novella by

I’ve been given a chance at a life in Central City and I’m going to take it, feeding him like a fountain.

Becoming a milkmaid is the best way an innocent eighteen-year-old like me gets to live in Central among the spires, the technology, and the men. A life of creamy pleasure, collared and required to offer my fertile body and massive dripping chest for my master to feast on.

My training gets off to a great start when the training master catches me touching myself. But thankfully the administrator oversees my punishment and some off-the-books training. Bound in an armbinder, clamped and so needy, he tries to teach me the basics. But it’s only when he want’s me to feed him in the most difficult, messy and delicious way possible, do I truly understand what being a milkmaid involves… and how much I love it.

Enjoy the third part of Tara’s journey to become a submissive hucow milkmaid in this spicy short story. Expect a Dominant Master putting an innocent girl in her place, BDSM themes, and a delicious creamy climax. 18+

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