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Before the Fire

A novel by

The inhabitants of 25th century earth are dying. A deadly brain virus is taking a large death toll and it is up to one scientist to stop it. The problem for Dr. Kane Edmonds is that the one form of plant-life she believes is necessary for a cure has long been extinct, dwelling nowhere else within the solar systems except the earth's past.Kane plans for every contingency when she agrees to travel through time to hunt down the life-saving plant. Every contingency, that is, except for falling in love. When Kane meets George Wyndom, the dark and formidable Earl of Blackmore, she wonders if she'll ever be able to let him go. What Kane doesn't understand is that she has no say in the matter, for the handsome earl is determined to keep her. This e-book tells us the story of the grandson several generations removed of Thomas & Maya MacGregor (After the Storm). This book, however, can be read without reading its predecessor.

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