book cover of All the Ever Afters

All the Ever Afters

(A book in the Ever Afters series)
An omnibus of novels by

Enjoy all the Ever After novellas in a single box set!

Carnally Ever After

When jilted at the altar, Lady Louisa Bennett seeks the solace of a quiet, empty chapel and instead finds Alistair de Roche, her fiance's best man and the subject of her fantasies from the moment she met him. Alistair knows bedding his best friend's betrothed is well beyond the pale, but Louisa has haunted his dreams for months. Soon, Louisa and Alistair are caught up in a consuming love affair that threatens their families' plans and their own hearts. Can they find a way to live happily, and carnally, ever after?

Wickedly Ever After

Eleanor Palmer is relieved when her fiance cries off the marry another woman but horrified when he suggests the dissolute Marquess of Grenville as a replacement.

Nathaniel St. Clair is infamous for his wicked ways--drinking, gambling, and fornicating--but he's willing to give up all but one of his vices to initiate the lovely and studious Miss Palmer into the joys of lust. Maybe a little dirty Latin poetry will aid his cause.

Scandalously Ever After

The Peninsular Wars aren't over for Colonel Jack Prescott. Cursed with perfect recall, Jack can remember the names and faces of every man he sent into battle. Awake or asleep, he can't escape the twisted, violent images or his responsibility for condemning so many soldiers to certain death. That is, until he chances upon perhaps the one woman who can accept him without judgment or condemnation. 'Tis pity she's a whore.

Sinfully Ever After

Lady Jane St. Clair should be happy. After all, she's betrothed to the man she adores. But the Earl of Chester is a notorious rake, and "Plain Jane" can never hope for his fidelity. Unless she can find another way to compete...

Gerard Nash is resigned to a lustless marriage and, for appearances, has given up his mistress. But celibacy is not for him, and in the weeks before his weeding, he frequents London's poshest brothel. There, a masked woman with the body of a goddess brings him exquisite pleasure. There's just one catch. This harlot must remain a virgin.