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Tangled Web

A Novella by

After the interglobal wars, aliens took over Earth, promising a cleaner, crime-free and disease-free society. Human physical passion is now forbidden, the only sex allowed taking place via the safety of cyberspace. Elexis, a Government Internet Security specialist, is charged with bringing in the hacker who breached the system. The problem is he's the man she just had hot, steamy cybersex with.Cade remembers what life was like before the wars, when physical contact was still allowed. He and others of the Underground want that life back, and they're determined to bring down the alien government before the human race is forever extinguished. While tapping into the alien system, he stumbles onto Elexis, a woman of intense passion and curiosity about all things sexual. But Cade's desires and Elexis' sense of duty clash, leading to a passionate and dangerous explosion.