book cover of Pursuing Paige

Pursuing Paige

(The second book in the Mates of the Lycaon series)
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This is a never-before-published erotic romance novella from New York Times bestselling author, Anya Bast. This story is highly erotic and is M/F/M, meaning two men, one woman. All the focus is on her.

Sequel to Keeping Kaitlyn. Second in the Mates of the Lycaon series.

Paige is a dedicated ballet dancer who neither wants nor needs any romantic entanglements. She put her sex drive in the deep freeze long ago to focus on her career. Yet the universe has a way of turning well-laid plans to dust. When Paige is pulled through a veil between worlds she finds herself in the arms of two male dire wolf shifters who thaw Paige's libido merely with a look.

Kaiden has spent more time as a wolf than as a man and his brand of loving shows it. Yet Paige brings out a tenderness in him he never thought he possessed.

Jarek is a leader and, unlike Kaiden, is a man completely in control. But his desire for Paige shakes the foundations of his formidable power and brings this man to his knees.

Kaiden and Jarek profess to be Paige's perfect mates and she can't deny an instant attraction to them that isn't just skin deep. But the war between the Lycaon and the Mages is heating up and it will test every fiber of their bond.