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Serena believes herself to be pretty ordinary. She's a size 14, wears glasses, and has a geeky streak. The only thing that isn't ordinary about Serena is that she's an OtherKin witch.

Cole is anything but ordinary. He's the physical vessel for an ancient pagan god called Cernunnos. When a coven of witches call that old, powerful energy forth to inhabit Cole's body, chaos ensues. Cole discovers he's an OtherKin mage with powerful magicks at his command. He also loses his memory. But even though he can't remember his family, what he does for a living, or his last name, he knows one thing - Serena, the witch tasked with keeping him, is his. He wants to declare that possession in every way.

Serena can't believe this gorgeous piece of male magehood wants her. Yet Cole stalks her, seduces her, and generally upsets her previously safe little world. She vows to enjoy every last second of their erotic interlude while she can. But there's another force upsetting the world. His name is Ashmodai and he's a playful, sadistic demon. That's not an especially good combination.
Ashmodai is the reason Cernunnos has been called forth.

And Ashmodai is planning to take Cole and Serena through hell and back before he's through.

"Anya Bast's Ordinary Charm is an outstanding book that held me enthralled from beginning to end. ... To say that the sex between Serena and Cole is hot is a gross was ATOMIC." -- Fallen Angel Reviews

"With a generous measure of steamy romance and a heroine of realistic proportions Ordinary Charm is a compelling and wonderfully paced story of timeless and tireless love." - Historical Romance Club

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April 2012 : USA, Australia, Canada, UK Kindle edition

Title: Ordinary Charm
Author(s): Anya Bast
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