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Sweet Seduction

A Novella by

Because every woman deserves to be seduced ... every wife deserves to be dated ... and every mom deserves to be a woman. Sweet Seduction is Alyssa Brooks' passionate story of one husband's quest to remind his wife just how wonderful she is.

Sex? Ha!

Romance? Double ha!

What new mother has the time to devote to romance, given how it practically takes an act of God just to locate clean underwear? Lacey is at her wits end. Caring for her home and new baby would be a joy - if her husband could just change a diaper as easily as he popped a beer tab.

Joel loves his wife and misses having her in his bed, so he devises a seduction scheme. Stripper and secretary on his side, Joel is determined to win back his wife, one sweet seduction at a time.

Content Notes: Hot, Contemporary