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Spanking Sara

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Tell me you're dirty. Tell me you're bad... With those hastily spoken words, Brenden Morgan displaces yet another goody-two-shoes girlfriend - and he isn't sorry to see her go. What Brenden requires is a real woman. A wild woman. One who'll eagerly submit whenever he's in the mood to play with the exotic belt collection he's spent years acquiring... But a man is the last thing Sara Foster needs. After four failed marriages, she's learned her lesson - no more relationships. So she's completely unprepared when Brenden struts into her life. He's charming. Bossy. Devilishly dominant. And as Sara soon realizes, this is no run-of-the-mill man but a caveman. Clubbing down the walls she's fortified around her heart, one alligator-skinned stroke at a time. Publisher's Note: While a stand-alone, we recommend reading Taking Tara beforehand for maximum reader enjoyment.