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Madi in the Middle

A novel by

He loved her enough to let her go... Intimidated by the prospect of facing the man who broke her heart years past - the man she cannot stop loving - Madison Porter hatches a plan for her long-time roommate to accompany her home. To help her make her ex jealous.Pretend to want her? Brady Michaels has sported a crush on Madi since day one. Now she wants him to hold her hand, to kiss her in public? For him there's nothing fake about it - and this is the perfect opportunity to seduce her. Starting with a few practice make-out sessions... Only one glitch... Madi's plan has worked a little too well. Now Will wants her back. Determined not to keep Madi from pursuing her dreams, Will Ryder may have dumped her, but his love for Madi never changed... only hers has. Now Madi must choose. Will it be Will, the man who broke her heart, or Brady, the one who healed it? If only happily ever afters came in package deals...