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Desperate Seduction

A novel by

Where's Mr. Right when you so desperately need him?Diagnosed with premature menopause, Claire's life takes a sharp turn, and suddenly nothing matters more to her than getting pregnant. The trouble is, not only is she single, she's a virgin. At twenty-eight she's always been the nerdy, shy type. But now she's about to do something very bold - she's about to submit.Blake has always possessed a secret attraction to Claire, but figured her too timid for the likes of him. He can't believe it when Claire shows up at his door with the proposition. They may be best friends, but Claire doesn't know everything about him... like his preference for sexual dominance in the bedroom or the toys hidden in his closet. He'll only agree to father her child if she proves she's the submissive mate for him.As matters of the heart go, they fit together like matching puzzle pieces, but when sex comes into play, will it be delight or a disaster?