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My Very Own Exchanji

An Interactive Gender Transformation Romance
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What would you do if you found a magical board game that magically transformed you in some VERY surprising ways? Would you dare to keep playing? Could you uncover its mysteries? And how would the rest of your life turn out?

In My Very Own Exchanji, YOU get to make all of these choices and more as you return to the world of Alyson Belle's classic book Exchanji, joining four young friends on the magical and hilarious romantic transformation adventure of a lifetime and seeing all the different ways their fateful night might have turned out. You play the book as Connor, one of the men, and when you find a dusty old board game called Exchanji (An Exciting Game of Changes for Consenting Adults) in a closet, things start to get wild as soon as the dice start rolling! Swapped bodies and surprising transformations are only the start of this crazy night...

Not only can you pick which romantic encounters happen to Connor throughout the book, but you also get to choose from dozens and dozens of branching paths as the night gets crazier and crazier: Will you go along with the board game's magic or fight it every step of the way? Will you wind up with your girlfriend Maya, the hotheaded Kelsey, or even your best friend Frank? Do you dare to step beyond the portal and enter the magical realms of Exchanjia? With over 400 pages of possibilities and sixteen completely unique endings, the choices you make on this fateful day will affect Connor and every one of his friends for the rest of their lives (or maybe beyond)!

Can you make the right choices to have fun, stay alive, and uncover all of the mysteries of the world of Exchanji? There's only one way to find out!

Unlike traditional books, this is a branching narrative story that can be read multiple times with different events throughout. At the end of each section there are several hyperlinks indicating choices you can make for Connor, just like a game. You can tap your e-reader/tablet or click the link in your browser (depending on where you’re reading this) to make the selection you want, and you’ll be transported to that section to continue the story. While it’s possible to use your back buttons to go back a step, you’ll probably have the most fun if you treat the decisions as permanent until your next read-through, just like Connor and his friends would have to do!

Kindle Editions

August 2020 : USA, Australia, Canada, UK Kindle edition

Title: My Very Own Exchanji: An Interactive Gender Transformation Romance
Author(s): Alyson Belle
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