book cover of Phases: Volume Two

Phases: Volume Two

(The second book in the Phases series)
A collection of stories by

Wolves and Coyotes, Lions and Tigers, Bears and Hares… PHASES Volume Two - Awakening Delilah by Abigail Barnette: Delilah Lewis doesn’t expect to get shot at when she moves to a remote sanctuary for shape shifters. When two sexy shifters come to her rescue, things get even more complicated. She’s a good girl, with a good-girl upbringing, but both men make her want to be very bad... Horny, Hard, and Hare-y by Mia Watts: The tortoise and the hare are such a cliché. Throw in an owl and an annual race, and these three shifters are living the dream—that is until the local DNR officer traps the hare. Now the three shifters have some creative ideas for the sexy officer, and a plan to free a friend becomes an invitation to four-way heavy petting. Summer Surrender by Bronwyn Green: When Hollis Chambers agreed to teach summer school in rural Michigan, she planned on checking out the local wildlife. She never imagined that it would be checking her out in return. Lynx shifters, Daniel, Josiah and Dylan are more than a little hot for teacher, and they want her for their own.

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