book cover of The PUP Squad Alpha Collection, Volume 2

The PUP Squad Alpha Collection, Volume 2

(A book in the PUP Squad Alpha series)
An omnibus of novels by

In Warlock's Way, Amber Williams thought she was losing her mind--until everything she'd prophesized came true. Darian and Wilson were assigned to protect her. What they hadn't expected was to both fall for her. But will it be a fatal distraction when the traitor brings their world crashing down around them?

In Wolves' Bite, Thomas and Adam decided months ago not to disturb Jennifer's happy life. Yet now that they're sharing mating dreams, everything has changed. The two werewolves are ready to claim their mate and they're not going to be put off by anything--not the lady's stubbornness or an invincible pixie king.

In Angel's Touch, Lilly blinked one day and her life changed forever. Devlin and Jed have been tasked to find the missing Oracle's receptacle, but when Lilly finds them instead sparks fly, powers are revealed, and attraction rekindles. Now, if they can just stop whoever is trying to kill them...

In Oracles' Light, Kristen is convinced that PUP Squad Alpha is protecting the wrong woman because she has none of the gifts the other women share. Can Dyson and Angus use their very different skills to convince their seemingly ordinary human that between them is exactly where she belongs? ** A Siren Erotic Romance