book cover of Breaking Waves

Breaking Waves

(The third book in the Forces of Nature series)
A novel by

Two steamy stories to sweep you away on a fast-moving current of passion.
Tidal Wave
Alexia returns to Jaffrey's Cove to discover the special getaway of her youth is even more magical than she remembers - and more erotic. She's surrounded by golden boys of summers past, her body filled with longings she can't explain.
Joshua and Anthony are merfolk, and Alexia holds a medallion that marks her as the next leader of their people. She needs both of them working in tandem to rouse her passion high enough to shift - and protect her from those who would use her simply to gain power.
Two things prevent Braden from claiming Chelsea for his own. No way will the Jaffrey's Cove sheriff stand in the way of her dreams. And no way will he share her with another merfolk lover.
With her future plans in shambles, Braden's the only bright spot left in Chelsea's life - except he holds her at arm's length and keeps other men away. Solution? A sensual flirtation with Jamie Powell, a visiting marine archeologist. Suddenly there's more than merfolk secrets at stake.
Warning: Contains a conniving granny, mysterious Spanish lovers, naked men in the surf, intense sexual attraction and shifters who take fun in the water to new depths. Dive in at your own risk.