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Of The Moon

Draconian Legends
A novel by

Two people from opposing worlds must face lies, deception and treachery to keep their secret love from being destroyed.

Master Sorin de cu Luna is a Draconian warlord. Harsh and cruel, with a thirst for blood, the Draconians have taken over the lands and enslaved the human occupants. Born with varying traits and raised among humans, Sorin has come to loathe some of the more depraved Draconian practices, and hopes for a different future between the two races. Matters become even more complicated when he's summoned to the Draconian Overlord's wedding and falls for the one human woman he was sent to tame.

Alexandreina de cu Soare is the last of her human bloodline. Born into captivity, she is a prisoner in the Overlord's castle. Fiercely loyal to her people, she endures what she must to give them hope for a better future. When she's given to a visiting emissary, her hope falters. There can be no faith in the brutal hands of a Draconian. Until she meets Sorin and realizes that hope can come in the most surprising and pleasant form.

Consumed by the heat of their passion, Sorin and Alexandreina find it difficult to hide their bond. Their union angers the Draconians, and the humans want to use it to their advantage. Thrust into a conspiracy to assassinate the Overlord, Alexandreina must use her relationship with Sorin. If Sorin can't be turned against the Draconian rule, than she is to seduce and kill the Overlord herself or her people will be slaughtered in the impending civil war between Draconian clans.