book cover of Their Ex\'s Redrock Serial Bundle 1-4

Their Ex's Redrock Serial Bundle 1-4

(A book in the Texas Alpha series)
A collection of stories by

Vincent Whitehorse is one badass edgy Indian that swears too much, but with his millions helps young abused girls in trouble. Besides running his tribes Indian Casino Redrock, he heads one of his charities called Whitehorse Training and Security. His only problem is his cheating wife is on the board, and he can't leave her crazy ass, until he gets her off it.

Tess is set to catch her husband cheating, and she runs toward a hotel in a thunderstorm, seeing a couple in a clench on an outside balcony. She opens her mouth to scream at them, when a man grabs her, shutting off her scream. Tess learns the tall, dark, and powerful man is Vincent Whitehorse, and it's his wife having an affair with her husband.

The night they meet, Vincent and Tess find themselves drunk in a rainstorm, trying to cover their pain. Then, they find they have an amazing and instantaneous connection of the lips. When Tess falls into bed with Vincent, they combust like nothing Tess has felt before.

However, both their exes are crazy. Tess' ex has unwittingly hooked up with the mob, while Vincent's ex thinks she's the next Cher. Shaking loose from either of them is not going to be easy. But then again nothing that is worth it ever is.

Can Vincent convince Tess to believe in him, when things around them are unbelievable, in this hot and very sexy second chance romance? This is the first novel in the Redrock Series, and it is a stand-alone novel.