book cover of The Italian Dom

The Italian Dom

(The third book in the Forbidden Cruel Italians series)
A novel by

She kicked me in the nuts at her sister's wedding. I vowed to make her my bride.
I'm a man who gets what he wants. No matter what it takes. Punto. And I want Nicky Baldi.
The only woman who said no to me.
The forced to become Mafia princess who hates our kind.
The firecracker that thinks she can burn me away.
She tries to play me, but she doesn't know what she's up against.
I'm Domenico Lanza, little kitten. Wait until you get a taste of what The Italian Dom can do to you...and your body.
And when she learns I'm the only winner in our hate game
When she submits to me, the only man she'll ever beg and purr under, I'll give her everything
But first...revenge is in order.

The Italian Dom is an enemies to lovers, age gap, forced marriage Mafia Romance. If you loved Enzio or Tino, you'll love Domenico, too. One-Click Now.

P.S. This is Nicky and Dom's book. You don't have to read The Italian Obsession (Tino and Angel's book) first unless you want to avoid spoilers.

Reading Order

1-The Italian Marriage (standalone and can be read in any order)
2-The Italian Obsession (standalone and can be read in any order)
3-The Italian Dom (duet, better read after The Italian Obsession)
3.5-Savage Crown (standalone novella better read between The Italian Dom and The Italian Son)
4-The Italian Son (duet, must be read after The Italian Dom)

Spin-off non Mafia books
1- The Italian Heartthrob (standalone, better read before The Italian Obsession)
2- The Italian Happy Ever After (standalone, better read after The Italian Son)