book cover of Wicked Play Part 9 of 10

Wicked Play Part 9 of 10

(A book in the Wicked Play series)
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Part Nine of Ten

"Let go. I'll catch you."

Quinn has spent her life in the spotlight. She should be used to being on display and being exposed, but submitting to Marcus is like nothing she's ever experienced. Never in her life has she been so vulnerable - or felt so safe and desired. And while Quinn might never want her lessons to end, she's not sure she's ready to sacrifice the career she's always dreamed of for a man she's only just met.

The mask she wears to protect her identity while she's in The Den doesn't hide Quinn's submissive side from Marcus. And now that he's had a taste of the woman behind the mask, Marcus is determined to be the Dom who shows her just how sweet surrender can be.

Behind the doors of Twin Cities' most exclusive BDSM club, The Den, pleasure reigns supreme. Here, every secret fantasy will be fulfilled, every forbidden desire granted, but only if you're brave enough to ask.

This installment is approximately 35,000 words