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Lynda's Lace

(The first book in the City Heat series)
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Book 1 in the City Heat series.Lynda Phelps loves sex.Wild sex.Naughty sex.Kinky sex.But when debonair Jordan Ellis enters her life, Lynda finds herself hiding her dirtiest desires, afraid that if he knew, it would soil the pristine image he holds of her. He keeps giving her delicate lace lingerie, after all - when she's definitely a leather sort of girl at heart. She knows she should tell him the truth, let him see the real her, but she's too crazy about him to risk it. Little does she know that the usually straitlaced Jordan has started having some pretty kinky fantasies of his own - and he's going to turn them into reality when she least expects it. Before it's over, Lynda will discover that a little lace can be a lot of fun.Note: The City Heat series is loosely related to the Hot in the City series, but can definitely be read as stand alone books.Also, as the series name implies - hot things happen in this city! Lynda's Lace features explicit scenes of f/f and f/f/m interaction. You have been warned...