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Carter's Cuffs

(The second book in the City Heat series)
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Book 2 in the City Heat series.Carter Brooks has it bad for the lady cop next door.But Erin Sparks has control issues - even though she wants him, she's afraid she'll fall too hard. Her solution? Seduce him - just for one night. And since she has the handcuffs anyway, she figures she may as well put them to good, kinky use to make sure he doesn't get away.But Erin's made a very big mistake. She rocks Carter's world, but he doesn't like giving up his control either, or feeling used. Lucky for him, she isn't the only one who can come up with creative uses for a pair of handcuffs. Erin's about to discover that Carter can be very persuasive...and that losing control can be a highly pleasurable experience.Note: The City Heat series is loosely related to the Hot in the City series, but can definitely be read as stand-alone books.Also, as the series name implies - hot things happen in this city! Carter's Cuffs features a brief scene of f/f/m interaction. You have been warned...