book cover of Fever


(Book 16 in the 3013 series)
A novel by

Ten years ago, Commander Lucas Brighton left behind everything safe and familiar in hopes of outrunning his family’s legacy. For a while it worked. For a while, he was more than just the son of a killer or the heir to a pharmaceutical empire. Now, instead of his coveted command post on Alpha Station: X4, he spends his days in an underground lab failing to turn a bunch of magical flowers into an effective treatment for infertility.

When the king of the entire planet asks you to aid in the advancement of human medicine, you do it. For Jael Moonmist, that means leaving Xenthian for the first time in her long life and traveling across the galaxies to a strange, unknown world. Arriving at the front door of the hilltop mansion, she holds few expectations. Least of which is meeting her soulmate, then having him pass out before she can even introduce herself.

Their relationship gets off to a rocky start, but when a mishap in the lab leaves Jael suffering from a mysterious illness, Luke will do whatever it takes to save her. Even if that means abandoning everything and embarking on a frantic trek across the universe.

With the clock ticking, can he reach the antidote on Xenthian in time, or will he be forced to watch as his new mate is consumed by the fever?

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