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The Wicked Step-father

A novel by

Kevin was a stern, upright ex-navy man who demanded order in his world. Tori was a lazy, shiftless, drug taking nineteen year slut without job, education or ambition. They were as different as night and day - in more ways than one. For Kevin was a tall, muscular Black man with skin as dark as coal while Tori was a lithe, beautiful blonde with skin like silk. On a week where his wife is away on business, he lost both his patience and his control. He'd forced many young men into the proper mold during his time in the service, and now he would do the same to Tori. But his lust for her and hers for him spilled into the mixture and turned her education into something quite a bit darker and more sexual. He'd disciplined many a young man, but never with spankings on their bare bottoms. And he'd taught them many things, but not the kind of things he taught this gorgeous, defiant tramp. But she would learn discipline and respect, even if he had to bring his friends in to help teach her.

Warning: Graphic sex and sexuality

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