book cover of Trained by Mister Trask

Trained by Mister Trask

(The second book in the Owned by Mister Trask series)
A Novella by

How many people get to house sit a fabulous condo on the ocean for months on end? I was pinching myself at how lucky I was! Then came the first of the once a month visits from the owner's son, a startlingly handsome, arrogant older man with an incredible body and a desire to put me on a leash! I was bowled over, overwhelmed, and did disgraceful things I never should have allowed! I was determined to leave before his next visit, only - my mind remained fixated, obsessed by the incredible dark thrills and heat and wondrous pleasure he'd given me. And... and it was only one day, so surely I could survive his arrogance, and his discipline, and not feel too guilty about the wicked pleasure. I would stand up for myself more this time! And then he arrived, and I melted before him.

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