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Summer Sex Slave

A novel by

Zoe is not one of the "in" crowd. Shy and timid, she has always kept to herself. When a brash, outgoing girl adopts her into her group Zoe tries desperately to fit in. But the group of teens is chiefly concerned with booze, pot and sex, and Zoe will find all her inhibitions and fears challenged if she wants to prevent herself from being cast out. The group pressures her to submit, and she does, giving in to demands for sex, for obedience to the group's will, for more and more outrageous and sexually provocative behaviour. She becomes their servant, their gopher, and, in effect, their sex slave. They taunt her as they force her to endure their sexual games, and call her Sex Slave. They tie her up and force her to admit her sluttishness, and her desperate desire for sex. They strap and punish her for every transgression. As the weeks pass Zoe finds herself, despite her humiliation at many of the things they order her to do, reveling in the odd freedom of not having to think for herself, in doing wild, slutty, kinky things she had only ever dreamed of before. She could have spent the summer reading books, and instead, is spending it as a naked sex slave, experiencing one shocking thing after another. But how far will their game go?

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