book cover of The Naked Sorority Girl

The Naked Sorority Girl

A novel by

So... I'd never kissed a girl, but I sure did once I joined Alpha Gamma Phi sorority! It hadn't been among the reasons I'd joined, but I'd kind of toyed with the idea of seeing what girls were like. I hadn't imagined, though, that my introduction would come with a side order of bondage and submission! These girls were kinky and uninhibited! I soon learned pledges were expected to obey and spend their time naked and collared! Not only did I have to please them but there were some big shots at the university they wanted favors of, and so I had to please them too! The thing was, it was all wrapped up in such a wild, thrilling sexual game, or at least, I thought of it as a game, that the heat of it was scalding! How could I possibly say no!?

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