book cover of The Girl in a Kilt

The Girl in a Kilt

(The first book in the Girl in a Kilt series)
A novel by

When the big boss of the whole Heart and Harp chain of pubs showed up at one of her tables, Kaley knew it was important to make a good impression. She'd never served such a rich man before, of course, and was surprised at how young and handsome he was. Turning down an offer to come to his estate to serve a gathering of potential franchise owners out at the pool seemed like a bad idea. Besides, she needed the money for tuition. But wearing the skimpy uniform in the pub was different from wearing it poolside, and when the others left, Mister Drake made his own interests clear. Pulling her into the pool and then back behind the fake waterfall, he told her he was going to drive her insane with pleasure! And, chaining her naked to the wall of the fake cave, he proceeded to do just that!

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