book cover of Chloe and the Carpenter

Chloe and the Carpenter

A novel by

Chloe is a very bright, beautiful, nerdy college girl at university. She comes home one day to find a sexy carpenter working in her mother's craft room and immediately feels a jolt of hunger. He's not at all suitable for her, though, as he's older and very blue-collar. She continues to up to her attic room, and there engages in one of her most exciting sexual bondage games. The only problem is that she makes a mistake and traps herself. And the only way out is to wait for her parents or get the attention of the sexy carpenter! That's a mortifying experience, but she now has an older, wiser partner to let her explore her dark fantasies. The passion, excitement, and pleasure are ratcheted up multiple times by Luke's stern and dominating presence as he teaches her just what levels of wicked heat her body can be given under skilled hands!

And then she lets slip a hint of her wicked fantasy games to one of her friends at school. And soon Aimee is dominating the breathless beauty too! Taking her cue from Luke, Aimee delights in teasing, taunting, and tormenting the beautiful coed, and teaching her that pleasure can be had from women as well as men!

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