book cover of China Doll

China Doll

A Novella by

Amy Chan's parents were immigrants, and she is torn between their old world values and those of modern day America. A recent university graduate, she works the late shift, all alone at a computer center, monitoring systems. But she gets one visitor each night; a very large, very handsome, very black security guard who is also, by the standards of her culture, very rude and disrespectful. But for a nerdy Chinese girl the very idea of sex with him - which he clearly wants - is breathtaking for being so forbidden and outrageous. Her parents think Blacks are savages, and he doesn't even have a degree! But Zion has other ideas, and they involve dominating the shy but beautiful Asian girl and teaching her the pleasure and passion of submitting to his hunger and lust! In the dark of night, Amy will do things she has never even imagined, and feel a scalding heat she can never forget.

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