book cover of Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction

A novel by

In this brand-new collection, four women receive a chain letter with instructions to create the fantasy of their wildest dreams, using the enclosed scarf.

Amber doesn't have time to spice up her sex life, but that's about to change. Because her boyfriend has had his own intoxicating brainstorms about bondage in the bedroom...Someone must know about Sienna's secret passion for kinky sex-or else why would they send her the scarf? And now her fellow bondage enthusiast wants to push the limits of her boundaries...Tiffany can't believe she's received the scarf...again! Maybe this time she should double her pleasure and succumb to her overwhelming desire to take charge?...Grace thinks the letter must be someone's idea of a practical joke, because she hasn't had sex in years. Then she decides to use it on herself with some surprisingly juicy results-especially when her gorgeous neighbor catches a glimpse.

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