book cover of Villain for Hire

Villain for Hire

(The fourth book in the Villain for Hire series)
A novel by

The four rules of freelance villainy are as follows:
  1. Always wear a mask

    Never hurt civilians

    Never kill the heroes you’re paid to fight.

    And the bad guy always loses.
And the rules worked, until I had to take down the Heroes of Earth to get Psyren back. Now, I'm not only infamous, but have a mob of villains looking to join my 'evil' organization and take over the world. And that's the good news! The bad news is the second biggest villain on the planet wants to hire me to work a fight against his hero daughter.

Which would be fine. It's the job. Except the plot grabbed the attention of a demon having an identity crisis, who's possessing heroes and villains to try and kill me and my harem of villainesses.

Well, no one said my job was going to be easy. And I'm learning real fast how painfully true that can be.

Villain for Hire is a humorous adventure through the world of heroes, superpowers, freelancing, and villainy. Featuring nefarious plots, cats outta hell, puns, Russian nuclear elephant trainers, and horny yandere villainesses, this men's adventure is sure to delight.

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