book cover of My Cheating Elf Wife Book Twenty-One

My Cheating Elf Wife Book Twenty-One

(Book 21 in the My Cheating Elf Girlfriend series)
A novel by

Cally has learned the truth about her feminine transformation and Faylana has finally landed the wolfman of her dreams! Can this topsy-turvy couple reunite and make their strange new life work or will their (sort of) happy marriage come to a twisted ending?

Borto has served up a hot dish of reality to Cally, revealing that she used to be Caldric and lying goblin Greebi was definitely never her boyfriend. The news comes too late for Cally, who is seemingly knocked up and not in the mood for more of Greebi's games. Meanwhile, Faylana has shacked up with her hunky werewolf lover at his cabin in the woods. Ser Talbot wants to meet Faylana's family, which means a reunion with Cally and a hot three way encounter with Caldric's orc brother-in-law.

Things get even hotter when Cally and Faylana arrive at Ser Talbot's cabin. But a second steamy threesome might just end in disaster when Greebi shows up and starts pounding on the door. Will Cally reconcile with the apologetic goblin? Will Ser Talbot make Cally and Faylana into his brides? Or will Greebi fight for what he loves and walk away with two birds in the hand?

Finally, the answer to everything, in the conclusion to this steamy saga of lust, love, and monsters!

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